Beginning of ISCA’s new charter

Combining the ‘original charter’ from 2007 and the amended version which was registered 2008 -both to be found here-   the below version of § 2 is to reflect the will of the founding assembly, to give scope for the growth of ISCA and the opportunity for members to contribute to the expansion, recognition and reputation of this work in the world.

At ISCA’s general assembly, 23rd October 2016 in Zagreb, members have voted on and approved the final draft..


§ 2

Foundation and Purpose of the Association

 A) According to the will of the Founding Assembly held on 29.05. 2007 in Cologne, the Association is established in acknowledgement of these propositions:


  • The approach to working with human relationship systems that became known as Family Constellations or Systemic Constellation Work (SCW henceforth) presents an important and unique method for the understanding of human relationship systems: families, organizations and nations, a tool for resolution of conflict and suffering.
  • Combining many different strands of knowledge, coupled with his own phenomenological insights, Bert Hellinger developed this approach.
  • The original approach is continually evolving as it is applied in various contexts, across many cultures, professional disciplines and areas of application by many practitioners around the world.


B) The purpose of the association is:

  • To facilitate consolidation, integration and documentation of knowledge about SCW and its methods, and to keep developing that documentation as the work continues to evolve
  • To facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and experience about SCW and arising out of SCW to persons and organisations demonstrating
    interest or need.
  • To facilitate networking among practitioners of SCW for the purpose of mutual learning, exchange of experience and observations & providing professional support and resources. Also through supporting high standard of quality and integrity among practitioners of constellation work.

This purpose expressly includes, but is not limited to, exploring possibilities for constructive application of the philosophy and methods of constellation work with individuals, couples, families, teams, and organisations.
Furthermore, it expressly encourages and supports interdisciplinary exchange as well as research and integration of knowledge from any relevant area of human knowledge and investigation.
The explicit intention of the association is to contribute to the body of human knowledge mainly as it relates to human relational systems and to serve the common good through its activities.

C) The association may meet its purpose by means of but is not limited to, the following activities:

a) Facilitate and support international and interdisciplinary cooperation in the collection and exchange of information relating to SCW.
b) Network international and interdisciplinary associations, teams, organisations and
individual practitioners of systemic constellations as well as other relevant organisations.
c) Publish information regarding activities, recommendations, and By-laws of the Association and affiliated Organisations.
d) Develop and publish recommendations for a curriculum of training in SCW

e) Formulating and publishing a current statement of ethical guidelines for those working in a systemic context, and making available to members knowledge about difficulties discovered.
f) Maintain and publish a current list of practitioners for the purpose of facilitating contact for persons seeking a systemic practitioner.
g) Maintain and publish a current list of affiliated training institutes and organisations in
related areas for the purpose of facilitating contact for persons seeking training in SCW.

h) Maintain a web presence through the development of a comprehensive and informative web page as an important “window to the world” and a resource to members as well as all those seeking information related to SCW.
i) Publish a journal, newsletter, articles, research or other material that documents various applications and new developments of SCW.
j) Organise congresses and informational meetings as well as online activities which help keep members in touch and facilitate a sense of community, provide opportunities for learning and further development.

k) Offering public information regarding the systemic perspective and methods.
l) Present SCW in public media, professional conferences and journals.

The Association explicitly respects diversity

  • of cultural and other values of its members
  • of the ways in which SCW is being practised by them.

D) Finances

The Association is strictly Not-For-Profit according to the definition of German law.

The Association acts in the public interest, and does not primarily seek profit. The financial resources of the association may only be used for purposes consistent with the intentions of this Charter. Members of the Association receive no income from the financial resources of the Association. No person may receive remuneration for activities foreign to the intent of this Charter, nor which are inappropriately high.

Payment from the financial resources of the Association for services performed by members, for travel expenses to attend Association meetings and similar activities may only be made to compensate expenses or services billed and may not exceed actual expenses.

If the Association transfers funds to another not-for-profit organization with similar goals, the Association acts as Sponsor in the sense of German Tax Law § 58 Nr. 1, which means that the Association is making a tax exempt donation