Meet the Board

Paul Stoney, United Kingdom,  Chair

Stephanie Hartung, Germany/Belgium,  Vice Chair

Louis Hillebrand, Belgium,  Treasurer

Alexandra Tatiana Finkelstein Franyuti, Mexico,  Regional Chapters

Nikos Vayiakakos, Greece, Communications


Paul Stoney

Together with my wife Lynn I have loved the depth and personal relevance of systemic constellations since attending my first workshop in January 2004. Together we went on to train in family constellations at the Hellinger Institute of Britain (now CSC) and attended the Bernried International Intensive for several years. With 4 adult children, 4 children-in-law and 8 grand-children, family constellations have deeply guided the flow of family life. I also trained in advanced organisational constellations at the Dutch Hellinger Instituut just before retiring from my work as an IT analyst in a large well-regarded UK retail Partnership which demonstrated the health of an organisation which follows systemic principles.

Since 2007 Lynn and I have also been part of a team running regular constellation workshops: Participants come from many different nationalities, cultures and ethnic backgrounds. While Lynn has developed her work as a systemic practitioner with individual clients and training groups I have been drawn to the vision of ISCA since attending the Zagreb gathering in 2016.

The task of chair is a great challenge but also feels an immense privilege. There is much work to do and we will need members of the board who are willing to put in time and energy to serve the collective in a spirit of joy and humility. I am confident that those who have nominated themselves have fully appreciated what the work involves and it will be a pleasure for me to work with those elected.

Of course ISCA also needs members who can inspire us and contribute to our vision without necessarily being on the board. We really need you as well!

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Stephanie Hartung

Under the guidance of the actual board, ISCA has developed wonderfully within the last years to become strong and ready for its next steps into the future. To accompany these steps actively, I would be honored to stand for the position of vice chair fro the next ISCA Board to support the development and the process especially in the fields of:

  • ISCA global library of knowledge
  • certification of ISCA members and their offer in trainings etc
  • development of the regional chapters
  • increasing membership figures

To give the members an idea of my personal visions for ISCA, I published “my vision for ISCA” at the Facebook group for members.

I dived into the field of constellations in the late 1990s and stayed ever since. I am highly active in national and international constellation networks and love the global closeness in variety. Today, I offer bilingual trainings in system and in organization constellation in Germany and in the Ukraine

I was born in Jan. 1959. After a study of Fine Arts at Düsseldorf Academy, I worked as a painter for 15 years. In 1995, I started consulting in the field of branding and organisational development. In diving deeper into the world of economics and consulting, I passed a study of International Management at Hagen University and in addition several trainings in systemic consulting methods, incl. systemic constellation. During that time I developped my own ideas and published several books on systemic development and constellation work. I am the founder of FELD INSTITUT (field institute) in Cologne, where we offer consulting and training for systemic development. I am mother of a grown up son and live with my partner in the heart of Cologne. I’d be grateful for your trust and your voice.

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Louis Hillebrand

I am Louis Hillebrand, born in the Netherlands in 1956, been married for 15 years, divorced and since 2007 living with Fawzia in Belgium.
Next to my job as a software-developer, Fawzia and I are running monthly constellation workshops for over 12 years. I’m fascinated by the work, try to keep up with all the new developments, loving different styles and facilitators and creating our own style by incorporating the styles that match with our way of living and facilitating. As constellation work is our mutual passion it has become an integral part of our life.
A big part of our learning next to the many trainings and workshops I followed is done by participating in the international intensive in Bernried/Kochel for the last 10 years. Learning from the faculty and the participants and my interest in the wider perspective of the work acknowledged my way of viewing the work as truly universal. My favourite way of working is to look at the greater whole without losing sight of the details.

Within my work as a developer and later as facilitator I’ve always had privacy and confidentiality on top of my list, respecting my sources and origin, and searching for the real need behind a question without judging the questioner. A way of being that became clear after I came in contact with the constellation work in 1999.

I always wanted to find a way to bring the people who do this work together, which is one of the reasons why we also invite experienced guest facilitators to Belgium. I have also been a member of ISCA for over 10 years.
The objective for my contribution to the board is to help us all facilitate ‘what’s emerging’ while keeping the goal of ISCA in mind. I want to make ISCA as interesting as possible for all facilitators worldwide. I believe this can be done without competition.     

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Nikos Vayiakakos

I believe that I can contribute decisively in the areas of:

  • Developing and defining ISCA’s Vision, to design systemically pathways for ongoing support to developing Systemic Constellation communities in countries and regions beyond Europe and the US. Given the intrinsic cultural quality of the SC as a methodology, we may be presented at ISCA with a unique opportunity to enrich and expand our membership in line with the developmental course of these countries, internationally. Thus, through opening new Regional Chapters, ISCA may infuse a fertile ground for SC Work to develop more systematically to those communities, rather than relying on the older/traditional model of a strong local personality “representing” the interests of SC Work and/or the Founder himself.

  • Marketing and Promotion of the Association, its web presence, listing of practitioners, trainers and training events, etc. My contribution will be the formation of a master-plan for marketing & promotion synergies, where interested ISCA members worldwide could participate and disseminate the Association’s projects. Furthermore, I am willing to work with the Board and set up a specialty team for developing an online tool (I am working since 2019 on it), which will leverage engagement between members of the Association, promote new SC techniques and paradigms, establish a sense of mutuality and responsibility towards Systemic Work and, by all means, support new members to the SC community to learn and exchange knowledge in a bottoms-up way – from the base to the top and not vice versa, from top to bottom, in the authoritative fashion.

    • Outreach Committee, the Public Relations aspect of ISCA, to reach out to other professional organizations, conferences, etc. to share SC Work, network, share ideas, etc. My vision is for ISCA to enter into dialogue and ongoing co-operation with chosen Academic & Research Institutions, to participate as a partner to educational & social programs, synergizing with private and public collective professional or academic bodies and, by all means, attracting funds (from EU or otherwise) for these activities. I am a strong believer of ISCA promoting an inter-disciplinary systemic culture amongst members internationally. Saying this, I must emphasize that these values of inter- disciplinarity and inter-professionalism are highly acclaimed in the academic world globally. It seems to me that ISCA may be standing on a “hidden treasure” on that front – this treasure really to be the diverse base of its membership. Unearthing this human dynamic could be a well-intended aim for our Board. Finally, I would like to stress the importance of liaising with an appropriate Research Institution, under whose design and guidance, ISCA members will have the opportunity to conduct phenomenological research on the Systemic Constellation Work and its effects to both clients and practitioners.

Now, with respect to the practical aspects of being a member of the Board, please consider the following points as areas for my involvement:

  • Website development – being experienced in the WordPress platform, I am able to cooperate with ISCA’s programmers for that matter. I suggest to re-develop the public website of ISCA in order to improve users’ experience, to facilitate navigation and to re-create a richer content.

  • Members Monthly Meetings and Newsletter – to assist as needed.

  • ISCA Gathering / Conference – I have experience in organizing symposia and professional conferences and in moderating panels of speakers.

  • Social Media – to assist building ISCA’s a/c on LinkedIn.

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Alexandra Tatiana Finkelstein Franyuti

“The symphony of life, evolving and sustaining all dimensions of forms in the vast universe of consciousness, invites me to travel along, allowing understanding of what is created in the cosmic field for all.”

ISCA as a window, has opened an opportunity to connect and expand our awareness of the field of Family Constellation Work, holding a space for the movements of the soul through dialog and sharing of personal experience in the field of us all, evolving into the new. 

With this, I offer my role as ‘Head of Regional Chapters’, looking forward to be part of the construction and expansion of Constellation work all together as an Association, in all corners of the world, as an active, dynamic, and reflective Association within the constellation community”.

After early life spent in India and France I moved to Mexico, was educated at bilingual schools.

I am mother of an 18 year old daughter.

Career in Business Management and 20 year private practice of Holistic Therapy, 16 years involvement with Systemic Family Constellations with the last 3 years as a Family Constellations Facilitator in my corner of the world.

Relevant further training: 

Gestalt (2 years) – Instituto de Psicoterapia Gestalt Querétaro, Qro.

Bioenergetics (Wilhelm Reich) (2 years) – Instituto Wilhelm Reich Queretaro, Qro.