Board elected 2021 to 2023

Elected to form the ISCA Board are:

Paul Stoney, United Kingdom, for Chair

Stephanie Hartung, Germany, for Vice Chair

Louis Hillebrand, Belgium, for Treasurer

Nikos Vayiakakos, Greece, for Communications

Alexandra Tatiana Finkelstein Franyuti, Mexico, for Regional Chapters

The election took place in February 2021 and the new board (including Nikos) convened officially for the first time in July 2021

In August 2022 Stephanie Hartung resigned and the Board elected Stavros Karelis to replace her as Vice Chair according to §13 in the charter.

What Board members bring

  • Board members are willing to serve, are ready to contribute to the connection of the international constellation community, the development of constellation work and raising its profile in the mainstream community.
  • They are respected members of the constellation community who can liaise across cultural and professional borders as well as being open minded towards all the different strands of Constellation Work.
  • Board members have a strong desire and commitment to co-creating an international community of practitioners.
  •  They are in agreement with the ISCA Charter, ISCA’s vision and mission.
  • Board members are experienced in Constellation Work, have knowledge of issues that are relevant to the wider constellation community and its regional characteristics.
  • They are proficient in English. Proficiency in other languages would be a great advantage.
  • Board members are prepared and able to give at least 8 hours per week voluntary contribution, be available for regular online meetings, and be contactable online most of the time.
  • They posses organizational skills and preferably have experience in managing non-profit associations..
  • Board Members naturally have an international vision and interest in international engagements and a thirst to encourage those  international connections.
  • They maintain collegiality and respect towards other practitioners and be guided by the spirit of systemic inquiry and principles.

The responsibilities of the Board:

(Excerpt from the Charter)

  • The Board represents the Association legally and to the general public;
  • The Board calls the General Assembly according to § 9 of the Charter, prepares the agenda, conducts the assembly and the voting;
  • The Board carries out the General Assembly’s decisions;
  • The Board carries out budget planning, accounting, and gives the year-end final accounting;
  • The Board submits an annual financial report;
  • The Board recommends to the General Assembly the establishment of committees and working groups;
  • The Board conducts correspondence with other societies with whom the Association cooperates and with the general public;
  • The Board regulates the online presence of the Association.

Widening of Management Responsibilities

The enlargement of the ISCA Board to 5 members is an expression of the priorities for the Board in the next term towards a widening of the roles and responsibilities to a larger group of people who would each take on the care of a particular aspect of ISCA’s management. This is envisaged to happen by forming a number of  Task Force Groups / Portfolios. Coordinators of these groups will emerge on the basis of their experience and expressed interest, and together with the Board form a wider Management Team.

The ongoing task will be inviting stronger  involvement by members according to their special competencies and individual interest and energy for a particular aspect of ISCA’s development.

Establishment of the Regional Coordinator Position on the Board for example would allow for building stronger local networks and ensuring that ISCA’s activities are relevant to a region, addressing specific needs of potential members from different parts of the globe.

Practical aspects of the Board’s tasks:

  • Website maintenance and development including liaison with web support
  • Conduct regular online meetings of the Board and management team, prepare and document them
  • write and send regular messages/newsletter to members
  • Organize and host monthly Community meetings
  • Organize Gathering / Conference every 2 years
  • Liaise with partner constellations associations, maintain mutual membership benefit agreements and develop new partnerships
  • Coordinate the work of regional chapters
  • Moderate ISCA Facebook groups
  • Cooperation and maintenance of the mutual benefit agreement with “The Knowing Field” journal
  • Deal with general queries from members & the public
  • Hold online elections/voting as per ISCA constitution

Board assisting tasks of the admin officer:

  1. maintain/manage membership: dealing with all admin emails in regards to new member applications, renewal and lapsed notices,  payments, receipts etc
  2. manage admin jobs of events
  3. Manage Paypal and bank accounts
  4. Bookkeeping
  5. Liaise on a regular basis with German authorities, solicitor and tax accountant in regards to ISCA’s registration in Germany

Areas for ongoing attention are:

  • Developing and defining ISCA’s Vision
  • Management/ Organizational Structure, including clear definition of roles, size of the board, paid positions, meetings, definition of procedures and policies, workload/commitment
  • Membership issues: possible different levels of membership according to experience and training.
  • Marketing, web presence, listing of practitioners, trainers/training events
  • Core Concepts, towards creating a common definition of CW etc
  • Training Standards, recommended training guidelines, creating a list of training institutes on the web site, event page
  • Resolution of Issues (history, systemic issues, conflicts)
  • Fundraising
  • Outreach Committee, that reaches out to other professional organizations, conferences, etc. to share CW, network, share ideas, etc.

If you feel attracted to any of these and are prepared to put your time and energy in development of any of the above mentioned areas, do contact ISCA Board.