Ervin Laszlo key note address

At the ISCA Gathering 2018 in Croatia, we were delighted and honored to host one of the leading systemic thinkers in the world as the guest speaker, one of the most prominent developers of the new paradigm, the new conception of cosmos, life and consciousness emerging at the forefront of the contemporary sciences – Professor Ervin Laszlo.

Through Laszlo’s theories, just like in Constellations, arises a picture of Cosmos which is self-actualising, self-organizing whole, where each part is in coherence with all others and all parts together create the conditions for the emergence of life and consciousness. “Whatever governs the universe is beyond the universe, beyond space/time.” (Ervin Laszlo)


Ervin Laszlo, guest speaker

President of Club of Budapest, Hungarian philosopher of science, systems and integral theorist, the founder of systems philosophy & developer of the “Akasha paradigm” –  the new conception of cosmos, life and consciousness emerging at the forefront of the contemporary sciences.

He is recipient of the highest degree in philosophy and human sciences from the Sorbonne, the University of Paris, as well as of the coveted Artist Diploma of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Budapest. Additional prizes and awards include four honorary doctorates.

Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (2004, 2005), he got Goi Peace prize (2001). He has authored more than 70 books, which have been translated into twenty languages, and has published in excess of four hundred articles and research papers, including six volumes of piano recordings.

Dr Mária Sági

Mária Sági is the author and co-author of eleven books and some hundred and fifty articles and research papers on topics as varied as social and personality psychology, the psychology of music and art and information medicine, some published in English, French, German, Italian and Japanese.

Since the late 1980s Sági’s interests embraced natural healing, using the principles of information medicine. She has developed the method of New Homeopathy pioneered by the Viennese scientist Erich Körbler as an encompassing method for diagnosing and treating human health problems whether in the presence of the patient and at a distance (“Holistic Information-Medicine”).

With the discovery of information as the basic ‘software’ of living systems came the realization that malfunction in the living system can be treated by correcting the information that causes the malfunction.

Her latest book is “Healing with Information: The New Homeopathy”.