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International Systemic Constellations Association ISCA

This Group is created by: International Systemic Constellations Association
and is a companion to the official ISCA website https://isca-network.org/ .
The group is open not only to ISCA members,
but to all constellation practitioners and students of the work, as well as to the interested public. This group is the place to share information about the events and developments primarily in the field of Systemic Constellations.

Only posts and events related to Systemic Constellations can be posted in this group. Systemic Constellations description can be found on ISCA web site: https://isca-network.org/systemic-constellations. The postings have to be in accordance with ISCA mission and vision “to actively encourage the development of a dynamic and reflective consciousness within the constellation community.”

In their contributions all members of this group agree to adhere to ethical guidelines for constellators, as developed by ISCA:
https://isca-network.org/about/constellating-ethics .
In particular, members are referred to the following points:
A systemic constellation practitioner / facilitator recognizes that the method of Systemic Constellations is a method distinct from all others, and that it has been originally developed by Bert Hellinger.
A constellator does not speak disparagingly about the original developer of the systemic constellations, and shows respect to him and other teachers he / she has learned from.
A constellator treats hers/ his colleagues with respect. He /she does not make disparaging remarks, neither publicly nor privately, about other constellation practitioners.
A constellator is not driven by a personal ambition and ego goals….(ensuring that)… he / she allows for the growth through attraction rather than forceful promotion.

Group members are invited to be modest in promotion of their events, also being mindful that commenting on the posts of others keeps bringing these posts to the top of the page over again, thus giving some events and practitioners more exposure than others. If you need more information about the events, or want to comment, please contact the organizers privately.
Fostering collegial discussion and information about new developments and constellating events is encouraged.
The group is a closed Facebook group, which does not let you automatically share the posts (for sharing you can do copy & paste), but it does ensure that the group is made only by those with interest in Constellation Work and those who are in agreement with its guidelines, therefore allowing for more relevant content.
For ISCA organizational matters, please use the “sister group” on Facebook: ISCA Members Group
This group is for ISCA members only. If you are a member, please ask for admission.
To be in line with these guidelines, the group postings might be a subject to moderation, which is a responsibility of ISCA Board or any person/s appointed by the Board.

Group for ISCA members only

ISCA members group

This group is open to all ISCA members for sharing of suggestions and thoughts about all issues relevant to the continuation and development of our association.
To announce your events and to share your pictures related to constellating, please use the public ISCA FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/405383329483349