ISCA came into being as a result of the excitement and creativity generated by the Systemic Constellation approach throughout the world, with a mission to serve as a hub & holder of systemic constellation work in all its settings and applications, for present and future generations of constellators.

The primary method employed to attain the association’s mission and purpose is to provide a network for members so as to support the free exchange of information, experience and discoveries. Connecting members is guided by respect for diversity of cultural, individual and other differences in application of the  work with the clear awareness of the core around which we all coalesce: Systemic Constellation Work.

The Association is also in the service of providing the public with general information about systemic approaches and with specific information about systemic constellation work.

ISCA sees itself as:

  • The gathering place for systemic constellation practitioners from all over the world.
  • The source of information and support for members and the public.
  • The meeting point for exchange of ideas, knowledge and developing visions.
  • The all inclusive platform from which to foster the diversity in development of Systemic Constellation Work.

ISCA is registered as a not-for-profit association.

How ISCA came to be read here