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International Forum for System Constellations in Organisations  – INFOSYON

infosyon is the interdisciplinary international association for qualified deployment of systemic constellations in organisations. We support people who work with passion using systemic constellations in professional contexts for key questions in organisations. This we endeavour to do by bringing people together in Regional Groups, in areas of research & development, at yearly conferences and by introducing a quality standard system of certifications.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Systemaufstellungen (DGfS)


DGfS_ohne allem

DGfS-IAG began as the International Bert Hellinger Association for Systemic Resolution (IAG). It was officially founded in 1999 to support the continuing development of this approach . It is supported by the best European practitioners. The IAG became the DGfS-IAG which is now a local German organisation with many members.


sterreichische orum ystemaufstellungen


Das sterreichische orum ystemaufstellungen ist ein Zusammenschluss von Personen, die mit Systemaufstellungen in verschiedenen Kontexten arbeiten.



Latvian Society of System Phenomenology

Our Society has been founded in the framework of mutual support, self-awareness, personal and professional development among the participants in different systems of phenomenology. Our goal is to promote the recognition and development of systemic arrangements by organizing seminars, conferences, training sessions, classes and other creative activities

We incorporate systematic arrangements in system phenomenology, the Hellinger method, organization and structural arrangement, arrangements of the inner parts of the soul, shamanism and regression systemic practices, and holodynamics. We believe that System Phenomenology is a new, progressive, interdisciplinary science with ancient spiritual roots.

We are developing the Register of Latvian System Consultants.

We are involved in the issues of systemic ranking consultant’s professionalism and certification. Our field of activity is in Latvia, but we are happy to cooperate with experts from other countries.

Information about our work and contacts can be found here:


The Systems Constellations Association of South Africa


is in conversation with ISCA regarding dual-membership and benefits of belonging to both the national and international associations and how these can collaborate to further the interests and aims of Systemic and Family Constellation practitioners.

 ISCA has supported many events held in different parts of the world:


Annual Intensive in Germany (Bernried)

SOWELU International Constellations Intensive, Mexico 2016

3rd Australasian Constellation Intensive 2016, Sydney, Australia

North American Systemic Constellations – 2017 Conference in Virginia, US