Post Gathering Workshop


Full day workshop on Tuesday 25th October with Anngwyn St. Just


 A Systemic Perspective


This integrative workshop experience will explore an ongoing, resonant and co-creative relationship between somatically oriented trauma methods and systemic constellation work which offers new windows of opportunity for a deeper understanding of our collective human condition, along with expanded options for healing broken connections and resolving hidden entanglements that may lead to traumatic repetitions throughout time and space.


Anngwyn St.Just, Ph.D.

Anngwyn St. Just is a systemically oriented social traumatologist who holds advanced degrees from The Western Institute for Social Research and the University of California in Berkeley. She is also a cultural historian, psychotherapist and somatic educator who specializes in developing multimodal cross cultural methods based upon easily transmitted concepts for trauma education and recovery.

Currently the director of The Arizona Center for Social Trauma and ACST International, she has served as advisor to the Drug and Alcohol Studies Program at the University of California at Berkeley. For over 40 years she maintained a co-creative relationship with Peter Levine, founder of Somatic Experiencing methods for working with trauma. Anngwyn St. Just has traveled widely in North and South America, Europe and Russia teaching innovative ways of healing individual and social trauma. Dr. St. Just is the author of numerous articles and books including “Trauma: Time, Space and Fractals”.   


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