Event Overview


Serving as a hub and a holder of the Work, ISCA’s task is to provide the space for the international community of constellators to meet. Most of the time this happens in a virtual way, but every now and then with an opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and network in “real space”.

The exciting moment for such a meeting is coming up.

ISCA is looking forward to welcoming constellation practitioners of all persuasions from around the globe, to:


  • Celebrate constellation work through meeting, networking and exchanging
  • Present some innovative ways of working and thinking about constellations
  • Give us a chance to look to the future: both in a sense of exploring future directions of the work as well as being the enablers of that future.


We’ll hold the General Assembly due and look at the present and the future of ISCA.

one agenda item for  the GA is the proposed   change   to ISCA’s charter

Be part of this exciting process, join in and contribute.


The main event will take place over two and a half days, starting on Saturday morning and finishing Monday midday with lunch provided (22.10. – 24.10.2016.).

Outline of the Program  can be found here

The gathering is open to all who are engaged in systemic constellation work  with the emphasis on mutual learning, exchange and development, to be offered for an affordable fee, particularly for ISCA Members. (Prices and registration)

There will be  experienced practitioners whose contributions will assist us with reflecting on broader issues which constellation community is faced with.

Anngwyn St. Just

Cecilio Fernandez Regojo

Marianne Franke

Elena Veselago

Bill Mannle

More about the presenters 


During the gathering, time and space is available for parallel short workshops & presentations  by the participants. Emphasis will be on sharing our collectively acquired knowledge, learning from one another how best to approach the emerging future as well as being its co-creators through this interactive process. If you are interested in presenting, please submit a one page proposal outlining your presentation via email to the Organizing Committee beforehand and prepare one or max two A4 printed sheets to display at the conference venue.


Interactive segments will see us break out into smaller groups to deal with specific topics related to the meeting’s theme: Constellating Future, subsequently reporting back to the forum. Working groups will deal with specific tasks related to ISCA’s future, taking into consideration the proposals & suggestions collected beforehand from constellation practitioners around the world and setting the direction for the path ahead.

The possible topics to focus our attention on are:

  • Current global movements
  • Current developments in the Constellation Field
  • Defining what constitutes a constellation (and what not!)
  • Considering the need to define and formalise the field of constellations: training curricula, accreditation, formal registration, requirements for ISCA membership, ethical guidelines etc.
  • Organizational structure of international association (ISCA) for the period ahead

At the end of the gathering the plenary session will summarise and conclude what the next step into the constellating future is for the community as a whole and for ISCA in particular.


Pre and post gathering  full day workshops will be conducted

on Friday 21st  by Cecilio Fernandez Regojo

and on Tuesday 25th by Anngwyn St. Just


Keeping the event as diverse and as wide as possible is the guiding principle. Welcoming the different strands of the work, including all the different positions, exploring if there is a core around which such diversity can coalesce.

Program of the Gathering keeps evolving, changes are possible.

Please contribute with your suggestions, maintaining the interactivity.


The event will take place in a nice traditional hotel in the very center of Zagreb (more about it HERE) where we have secured the rooms at a special price for attendees. There will be opportunities to informally network and meet others for the duration of the meeting.

However, there are other affordable accommodation options in close proximity, apartments and more hotels. (find about those HERE)

From the main square it is easy to explore Zagreb  and what this town has to offer. (more about Zagreb HERE)

For those of you wanting to combine your attendance with some holiday time, Zagreb provides a perfect point from which to explore the Adriatic with all the islands and pretty coastal Dalmatian towns (at this time of the year not for swimming, but good travel weather out of peak holiday season), as well as other Croatian and European destinations. (more about those opportunities HERE)


Hope to see you at this exciting constellation event in October!