Monthly Member Meetings

Current Monthly Members Meetings
ISCA currently hosts a monthly online meeting via Zoom for members,
every 4th Wednesday of the month.
These meetings start at 7pm  CET, Central European Time
10am California,
12noon Mexico City,
1pm US East Coast,
2pm Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo,
6pm UK + Portugal,
7pm Cape Town
8pm Moscow, Istanbul
11.30 pm Mumbai
3.30am Adelaide
4am Sydney/Melbourne;
The link will be opened half an hour before meeting time, drop in early and start connecting. If it is your first time with Zoom, no worries,  just click the link and follow the simple instructions.
Extension to Monthly Members Meetings
From Monday September 24th 2018 the Monthly Members meetings will be extended to another day on a monthly basis to include members who would find it very difficult to join the existing calls (particularly those in Australia and New Zealand) because of the time zone differences.
These meetings will be every 4th Monday of the month and start at the following times:
6 pm for Sydney time
8 pm for NZ time
ISCA members in Australia “hope that folk in Europe and elsewhere can participate in these calls as well as it has always been such an enriching thing to be able to connect with peers all over the world.”
10 am CET
9 am for UK.
The monthly theme will be the same for both meetings.
Purpose of Monthly Members Meetings
The purpose of the Monthly Members Meetings centres around connection, we are
  • celebrating what we have in common thanks to our constellating experiences
  • contributing to community building
  • overcoming isolation
  • sharing what’s true for us around our work with constellations,
  • allowing the new / unknown to emerge from the field
  • deepening connections with constellation practitioners from everywhere.
Many spin-offs are experienced in terms of collaboration and innovation
and getting a sense of taking part in an evolving pioneering process.
Members, log in and find details of the virtual monthly meetings on ISCA’s  Forum