International Systemic Constellations Association


ISCA serves as a hub & holder of systemic constellation work in all its settings and applications, for present and future generations of constellators.



Our vision is to actively encourage the development of a dynamic and reflective consciousness within the constellation community.



Just like ISCA, this web site is an ongoing project. What is provided is the basic workable structure with all the features which enable membership and other administrative matters to run smoothly.

ISCA Board who is responsible for the site, does not attempt to provide any all-encompassing definitions of Constellation Work, but rather see their task as holding this open space for members, but also for anyone who belongs to the international constellation community, colleagues from other fields and general public - to fill it with contributions and supportive exchange.

Apart from a member listing, you can find information about the Systemic Constellation Work and its historical developments through the words of different practitioners. You can also find information about international events and the events organized or facilitated by members.  Other resources for both, constellation practitioners and the public can be found under the sub-page "Resources".  We also envisage:

  • Training curriculum guidelines
  • Constellation ethics guidelines
  • Growing knowledge data base of resources from around the globe

If you feel called to contribute to any of these areas or other fields, feel free to contact us through our contact page or via Board emails directly to express your interest in participating.


Welcome to the world wide network of

Systemic Constellation Work

practitioners, trainers, students and beneficiaries!