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Members providing training in Systemic Constellations

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Diane Viola

Diane’s website: for more information



Zaquie C Meredith

Zaquie provides training in constellation work in Brazil:

details here



Jonathan Hooton


Jonathan Hooton


Brings a wealth of experience when working with clients and students in an empowering, holistic way.

An Embodied Relational and Trauma-Sensitive Approach

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Monday 5th – Friday 9th March 2018
Monday 4th – Friday 8th June 2018
Monday 10th – Friday 14th September 2018
Monday 3rd – Friday 7th December 2018

9 AM – 5 PM each day


Alemka Dauskardt



Alemka facilitates workshops and offers regular training in Systemic Constellations in Croatia, Serbia, Turkey and elsewhere on request.

More information:





Sarah Peyton

created an informative new website listing events in the North West of the American Continent:




Gary Stuart


Speaker, Author, 17 year Constellation Facilitator, Teacher/ Trainer has been documenting his healing experiences over the past several decades. As a young student of Primal Therapy and Shamanism, his insightful writings provide a unique perspective on the correlation between the micro and macro-cosmos, between our inner and outer worlds. His first book on Constellations Many Hearts, One Soul set the stage for his latest book Master Your Universe: How to Direct & Star in Your Own Life on Kindle or paperback at

More info on  

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Emily Waymire

Luminosity” Soul Energetics Mastery Training

A 6 month advanced training for alternative practitioners. A personalized program dedicated specifically to your personal re-emergence and professional mastery.

Are you ready to partner with forces that actually change lives?

Based on working directly with 100s of alternative practitioners and witnessing 1000s around the world in group trainings Emily has seen the most common and universal blind spots that basic and even advanced trainings don’t cover.

What the Luminosity Training covers:

  • Life concerns and balance
  • Family system entanglements that interfere with you and your clients
  • Supervision Constellations (where we look at your role with your clients)
  • Structural Constellations and Parts Work (where we look at setting you up for success and the alignment of your business and life mission)
  • Energetic alignment (that is essential for your well-being as a practitioner)
  • Collective trauma and possession that is affecting you and your clients

You will receive a seal of completion for use anywhere online and in all your materials.

See if this is the right fit in a free consult This is your time to ask me questions about my services, how I can help you and explore possible next steps to reaching your desired outcome.

Emily’s Website