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Diane Viola

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Zaquie C Meredith

Zaquie provides training in constellation work in Brazil:

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Sarah Peyton

created an informative new website listing events in the North West of the American Continent:




Gary Stuart


Speaker, Author, 17 year Constellation Facilitator, Teacher/ Trainer has been documenting his healing experiences over the past several decades. As a young student of Primal Therapy and Shamanism, his insightful writings provide a unique perspective on the correlation between the micro and macro-cosmos, between our inner and outer worlds. His first book on Constellations Many Hearts, One Soul set the stage for his latest book Master Your Universe: How to Direct & Star in Your Own Life on Kindle or paperback at

Gary is  facilitating Constellation Healing workshops weekly in LA, Santa Barbara & the Detroit Metro area August, September and November 2016.

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Advanced Constellation Training with Leslie Nipps

February – May, 2017
Oakland, CA USA
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This course is for people who already have received training, or who have attended so many workshops that they’ve achieved basic competency as a facilitator. Students in this course want to go to the “next level,” and feel that:
·       Despite their training they lack confidence in their facilitation skills
·       They want the ability to innovate and “create on the spot” on behalf of their clients
·       They want to take a deep dive with fellow constellators who are committed to excellence in the work, and have a profound peer learning experience
·       They are struggling with establishing a constellation practice.
·       They are ready to find out the unique constellator they are meant to be

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