Figurines and tools


Pieces of different woods and metal left over from 40 years
of crafts work, with cuts and scratches, size 40-50 mm.
There is room in the box for personal additions.
15 sets available, and there will be no more.
€100/set Including freight anywhere
Fees for payment to be paid by buyer
Order at: olof.ribbing(at)



Familienbrett Systembrett Set mit 28 Figuren aus hochwertigem Holz







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Coaching Spaces online tool




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RelationChips is a web-based tool that enables Systemic Constellation facilitators to easily and intuitively explore client relationships remotely in a safe and secure online environment.






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Ceci Tool



Colored mats

Colored Mats


Gathering Story Cards








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Constellation Figurines and Cards

by Darmanas










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