Constellation Books and Recordings – links

Carl Auer in English and German from Germany

Hellinger Publications,  in German and English

Zeig, Tucker & Theison in English from the USA in French from France



International Systemic Constellation Journal

“The Knowing Field”


Constellation Articles on the Internet

E.L.S.C.I.E. Articles by various authors compiled on Jane Peterson’s site


Articles on Organisational Constellationsin English, Portuguese, Spanish & French on Cecilio’s Regojo’s website


Special Interest Enhancing Children’s Learning This site is dedicated to the use of the systemic insights form constellation work being integrated into the school classroom


Rupert Sheldrake online Rupert Sheldrake has done much research investigating his morphic field and morphic resonance hypotheses. These lead to a vision of a living developing universe with its own inherent memory. This understanding is often called upon to explain phenomena observed in systemic constellation work.


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