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Cecilio Fernandez Regojo


Trainings & Workshops with Cecilio Fernández Regojo 



June-2016 to November-2018
6 modules

25ª Internacional Certification on Systemic Management & Organizational Constellations 



January &

27ª Internacional Certification on Systemic Management & Organizational Constellations


Santiago de Chile

May &

30ª Internacional Certification on Systemic Management & Organizational Constellations 



February &

29ª Internacional Certification on Systemic Management & Organizational Constellations




28-May to
4-June   2017

Systemic Constellations Intensive



23-February to

Systemic / Family & Organizational Constellation Intensive

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Advanced Constellation Training with Leslie Nipps
February – May, 2017
Oakland, CA USA
  photo 7f04afe6-06e4-43e8-901e-dd5840ab7287_zpsmvbmly6g.jpg
This course is for people who already have received training, or who have attended so many workshops that they’ve achieved basic competency as a facilitator. Students in this course want to go to the “next level,” and feel that:
·       Despite their training they lack confidence in their facilitation skills
·       They want the ability to innovate and “create on the spot” on behalf of their clients
·       They want to take a deep dive with fellow constellators who are committed to excellence in the work, and have a profound peer learning experience
·       They are struggling with establishing a constellation practice.
·       They are ready to find out the unique constellator they are meant to be

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West-Coast Intensive in the United States

May 10-14, 2017:


 Francesca Mason BoringFrancesca Mason Boring

Gary StuartGary Stuart

Leslie NippsLeslie Nipps



In the Field with Joy

Bert Hellinger introduced us to the Constellated Field through Systemic work. Breathworkers and Voice Dialogue practitioners and their clients had already met it in various forms, as had other shamanic and spiritual disciplines.
First we were all happy to have our Family Constellations placed, and then we learned their limitations – no one can heal their entire family, and we all want to.
Then we had Conceptual Constellations which enabled us to explore the dynamics of the Field and its relationship regularities. All good and necessary information for living life and relationships well.
With Family and Conceptual Constellations, which are deeply valuable and necessary, we were still feeding the Field with information. We demanded answers to questions. We told the Field what we hoped for. We hoped for our idea of healing.
We had not yet learned to want nothing so as to be ready to receive everything.
We had not yet learned to surrender to the Field and to trust it absolutely.
We did not yet know that we didn’t need to tell the Field anything. The Field knew.

In this workshop, I will simply stand in the Field with you and we will learn together and let the Field guide us. It may create a Family Constellation, or a Conceptual Constellation, or it may do something so surprising, wonderful and holy that we cannot imagine it where we are now.
The less we instruct the Field, the more it will give us.
I invite you to stand in the Field with Joy.

Joy Manné is the author of

Family Constellations: A Practical Guide to Uncovering the Origins of Family Conflict, with an introduction by Bert Hellinger

Conceptual Constellations: Constellating Story and Archetype


” I’m a daughter, a mother, and a grandmother. I know what I’m talking about.”


Sarah Peyton

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Diane Viola


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Zaquie C Meredith

Zaquie provides training in constellation work in Brazil:

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Gary Stuart

Speaker, Author, 17 year Constellation Facilitator, Teacher/ Trainer has been documenting his healing experiences over the past several decades. As a young student of Primal Therapy and Shamanism, his insightful writings provide a unique perspective on the correlation between the micro and macro-cosmos, between our inner and outer worlds. His first book on Constellations Many Hearts, One Soul set the stage for his latest book Master Your Universe: How to Direct & Star in Your Own Life on Kindle or paperback at

Gary is  facilitating Constellation Healing workshops weekly in LA, Santa Barbara & the Detroit Metro area August, September and November 2016.

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