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Men, Women, War & Peace

A workshop for men and women exploring the art, adventure and mystery of relationship

This statue stands in a small garden in Dublin Castle. It depicts A dying Irish soldier, representing the sacrifice of Irishmen in the Boer Wars, shown with Erin (representing Ireland) behind him clutching a wreath. Created by John Hughes RHA in 1902.
Saturday 2nd to Monday 4th of June 2018
Anngwyn St.Just & Karl-Heinz Rauscher

International Systemic Constellation Intensive 2017 with Stephan Hausner

Date/Time Oct, 4th – 8th 2017
Venue Praxis für Systemische Medizin, Siegsdorf

“Tomorrow is only the future if it is not a repetition of today”Orienting towards Transformation using Systemic Constellation Work

The Intention of this Training Workshop is to explore and discover basic principles of Transformation-Oriented Systemic Constellation Work.

Participants have the opportunity to present personal and professional issues and questions. We will be working with them, knowing that learning, evolving and healing is the same movement.

This workshop is for professionals out of the international community of systemic constellation work.

Healing Practitioner; education in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Osteopathy and various approaches in humanistic Psychotherapy is working since 1993 with Systemic Constellation Work, focusing mostly in Illness and Health. Leading International workshops and trainings in more than 45 countries. Author of: “Even if it Costs me my Life”. – Systemic Constellations as complementary solutions for illness and chronic symptoms.

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Women, Men and Peace Workshop


Anngwyn St.Just & Karl-Heinz Rauscher




Systemic Insights and Solutions for Parents, Teachers and Students

Workshop by Marriane Franke-Gricksch,

21.10. & 22.10.2017.    ZAGREB, Croatia

Marianne Franke-Gricksch is a mother of two sons and grandmother of four grandchildren. She worked for 28 years in primary and secondary schools. She became a holistic practitioner and a psychotherapist who incorporates primal therapy and body work into her practice. She has trained in a variety of systemic orientations including family constellations with Bert Hellinger, hypnotherapy and NLP.

Marianne has worked as an independent practitioner in Munich since 1990. She leads family constellation workshops and special trainings for teachers and for the development of systemic work in schools, also with parents and young people. She is a trainer for facilitators in the DGfS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Systemaufstellungen)