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How childhood and family history affect our happiness,

by  Bertold Ulsamer

The short free course in Family Constellations on the learning internet platform

Great introduction to Family Constellations

Open the doors to your professional success!

Free yourself from barriers of childhood and family history,

by Bertold Ulsamer






The Family System, by Anchal Jyoty,  website


Coming Home, interview with Barbara Morgan


Illness, Trauma and Systemic Constellations, interview with Stephan Hausner

(English & Spanish with Portuguese subtitles, courtesy of Eva Jacinto)


Psychiatric and Constellation Models, Dan Booth Cohen

Are the Ancestors Real?, Dan Booth Cohen

The Inherited Mind, Dan Booth Cohen


Family Trauma? Hellinger Family Trauma Constellation Work, Gary Stuart (1 of 2)

Family Trauma? Hellinger Family Constellation Work with Gary Stuart (Pt 2 of 2)


Trauma, Fractals and Constellations, Dr Anngwyn St.Just

Interview with Anngwyn St.Just for one of the most popular shows on Croatian national TV “On the Edge of Science”. Even though the host’s questions are in Croatian, Anngwyn’s answers are in English.


Krista Jarrard