Board of Directors


ISCA’s Board for the period 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2019:


Max Dauskardt,  Aud Marit Esbensen, Paul Stoney & Alemka Dauskardt (as of April, 2018)



Previously elected ISCA Boards:


1st Board 2007 – 2009

Hunter Beaumont, Richard Wallstein and Constanze Lang

2nd Board 2009 – 2011

Hunter Beaumont, Constanze Lang and Tomás Kohn

3rd Board 2011 – 2015

Clare Crombie, Brendan O’Brien and Tomás Kohn

4th Board 2015 – 2017

Max Dauskardt, with Sharon Maccarone, Antonio da Silva and Elena Veselago during parts of the period




The Path Ahead