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ISCA Membership
Your Benefits
Take full advantage and enjoy various benefits from your belonging to our global community of systemic constellation professionals
Become a part of us, welcome!
By joining the International Systemic Constellations Association (ISCA) you become part of a global community of systemic professionals committed to enhancing the role, visibility, impact and quality of systemic work worldwide and in all aspects of our lives.
About ISCA
Founded in 2007 in Cologne, Germany, we grew to become a truly global association with today more than 300 members
We meet biannually in our ISCA Gathering somewhere in the world. Like in St. Miguel de Allende, Mexico in April 2021
And we created some digital formats to regularly meet online.
Our Monthly Member Meetings (MMM)
We monthly invite our members by email to our 90 minutes Member Meetings online on ZOOM. On our monthly subject we share experiences, ideas, insights and knowledge. The meetings are facilitated by the members of the board or by the heads of regional chapters
Regular English meetings
We conduct monthly English language meetings. They are taking place during the last week of the month, except for July, August and December.e
Regular Spanish and French meetings
We also conduct regular monthly meetings in Spanish and in French. They are taking place on the last Thursday of the month, except for July, August and December.
Romanian, Czech Slovak (etc) meetings
From time to time extra online meetings are organized in further regional languages
Our ISCA Facebook Groups
We hold the space for two thriving online communities on Facebook
The ISCA Members Group
This group is dedicated exclusively to our active members’ community. Here we inform about all the activities that we provide exclusively for our members. We also inform about new developments in ISCA and ISCA related areas. Last but not least we provide the recordings of our MMMs
The ISCA Community Group
This group is dedicated to our wider community of systemic aficionados who are not yet ISCA active members. Here you also have the possibility to inform about your special constellation offers
Our ISCA Newsletters
We send newsletters with updates and information to all our members via Email.
The monthly newsletter
The monthly newsletter is written by the members of the board. It deals with reflections on specific topics and informs about upcoming Congresses, Incentives and Gatherings around the world. It also introduces the topic of the next monthly meeting.
The irregular newsletter
It deals with current events and actual topics.
By members for members we learn by sharing
Through our initiative STILL TOGETHER we hold the space for a rich experience of exchange and learning by sharing.
ISCA does not organize training activities, yet we are happy to hold the space for our members to share their know-how with our community under the form of free webinars, workshops, meditations, article or e-book sharing and more.
We share the calendar of incoming member offerings regularly at the beginning of each month – via our FB group and via newsletter.
Heads of regional chapters
Worldwide, we are represented by the Heads of the Regional Chapters. They act as the linking bridge between community and board. You can contact them directly and confidentially with your concerns.
We are constantly looking for new interested members to support our national, regional and local activities. If you are interested, please get in touch with Alexandra Finkelstein (see last page)
Last but not least: Discounts
Our members enjoy a wide variety of discounts. Please feel free to ask!
Combined memberships
With several international associations we hold a discount agreement for combined membership fees.
Economic power varies from country to country
For some countries we offer a reduction of membership fee.
Considerably cheaper events
ISCA members get a significant reduction for all ISCA events
Finally, not to forget us.
We are there to support you and looking forward to get in contact with you!
The ISCA board (Paul, Stavros, Louis, Alexandra, Nikos.)