This far, confirmed presenters include:


Ervin Laszlo, guest speaker

President of Club of Budapest, Hungarian philosopher of science, systems and integral theorist, the founder of systems philosophy & developer of the “Akasha paradigm” –  the new conception of cosmos, life and consciousness emerging at the forefront of the contemporary sciences.

He is recipient of the highest degree in philosophy and human sciences from the Sorbonne, the University of Paris, as well as of the coveted Artist Diploma of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Budapest. Additional prizes and awards include four honorary doctorates.

Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (2004, 2005), he got Goi Peace prize (2001). He has authored more than 70 books, which have been translated into twenty languages, and has published in excess of four hundred articles and research papers, including six volumes of piano recordings.


more about Ervin Laszlo READ HERE


 Dr Mária Sági

Mária Sági is the author and co-author of eleven books and some hundred and fifty articles and research papers on topics as varied as social and personality psychology, the psychology of music and art and information medicine, some published in English, French, German, Italian and Japanese.

Since the late 1980s Sági’s interests embraced natural healing, using the principles of information medicine. She has developed the method of New Homeopathy pioneered by the Viennese scientist Erich Körbler as an encompassing method for diagnosing and treating human health problems whether in the presence of the patient and at a distance (“Holistic Information-Medicine”).

Presentation: A New Method of Remote Healing through Information Based Treatment


 Cecilio Fernandez Regojo

With more than 40 years of business experience, he has held several positions of responsibility in companies of multiple sectors and areas of activity. His experience as a businessman, together with his experience as business consultant dealing with a number of companies in many countries, has provided him with a broad understanding of organizations and companies.

He is a facilitator and an international trainer on Organizational Constellations worldwide (mainly in Europe and Latin America – working in more than 30 countries). He has developed trainings and postgraduate programs in partnership with universities in several countries. He also participates at international congress events as invited lecturer.

He is a Master Trainer Certified by INFOSYON (International Forum for System Constellations in Organizations).

Presentation: From the Client to the big System

Carola Castillo

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Carola is the Founder of the Hellinger Institute of Venezuela and Director and Founder of the Reconstructive International Integrative Holistic School. Creator and developer of her independent movement: RECONSTRUCTIVE “Ancestral Quantum Medicine” – the interwinding between a journey inside the shamanic ground with the use of sacred plants experiences (“ayahuasca”), family constellation work according to Bert Hellinger and insights as a student from the Shaolin Wahnam Institute in Chi Kung, Taijiquan and Zen. In this technique, we can experience the expansion and learning process of the level of consciousness.

Presentation: An unbreakable experience will change your journey

Marina Toledo

Marina´s dad was an entrepreneur and her mom was a teacher and they are both present in her work as a Constellations Facilitator & Trainer and Founder of the Hellinger Institute in Canada, currently working in Canada, Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. She came into this work as a client in 2002 and, after participating in many workshops in Europe, decided to deepen her experience by training in it starting in 2009 in order to bring this powerful work to Canada, where it was not well known. She has taken over 20 courses with Bert and Sophie Hellinger in various countries and received her certificate by Hellinger Sciencia®. In addition, she was trained by 9 other trainers worldwide to gain an international perspective of this work, and is very grateful to all of them.

Prior to Constellations, Marina worked representing two countries in other lands (Spain in Canada, Canada in Japan, where she lived for 2 years), graduated from York University in Mass Communications and Political Science, studied Business Administration and Adult Education and was always a seeker, which took her to different countries to study with the Sources (Germany, India, Japan, USA, Italy, Spain, Mexico) as well as with First Nations from Canada and Peru.

Presentation: Facilitator’s Calling

Maria Eugenia Sereni

Maria Eugenia Sereni is a Counsellor focusing in Psychoanalysis. She is trained in Gestalt psychotherapy and Family Constellations, the latter mainly in International Intensive Trainings with Bert and Sophie Hellinger. She also has a special interest in exploring movements of Collective Trauma.

She is the director of Encuentro Conmigo, a centre in Argentina with three branches in Buenos Aires, Ushuaia and Río Gallegos, where she provides Family Constellations Trainings, Genogram workshops, Morphogenetic Field Research labs and Personal Development workshops in order to accompany people in their path to self-knowledge and awakening of their consciousness.

She intuitively discovered that the graphical representation of the genogram is a code that reveals multidimensional fields of family constellations, which can be used in individual sessions. This led her to create a method that combines the genogram with Family Constellations, putting science at the service of intuition.

Presentation: Genogram: The Sacred Presence

Stephanie Hartung

I have studied Fine Art and International Management and passed various training courses in systemic constellation, Gestalt therapy and coaching. Today, I consult organizations in branding and organizational development.

I have published various books and articles on the subject of systemic branding, organizational development and constellation work and was a guest lecturer at the European University of Applied Sciences and the University of St. Gallen.

As a Dgfs – approved trainer for systemic and organizational constellations, I offer two-year training courses.

I am the mother of an adult son and with my family I live in Cologne.

My book publications include: “Strong Brands”, “Applying Gestalt to the Management of Brands and Organizations”, “Successful Legal Brands”, “Why do constellations work?” and “Theory and Practice of Organizational Constellations”.

Presentation: Brand Integration Process

  1. Theoretical principles for the Brand Integration Process

In contrast to common practice – and analogous to the ideas of systems theory – I define an organizational brand as a marked system. Every organization is a brand, whether it is aware of its brand identity or not. So the question is not whether an organization has a strong brand, but how strong it is as a brand.

The identity of the organizational brand lies at its core, consisting of a vision, mission and values. These are – like a DNA – the guideline for the self-similar marked organization structure.

  1. The installation format of the Brand Integration Process

Based on the format of Wilfried Nelles‘ Life Integration Process, I have developed the Brand Integration Process – BIP –  to enable organizations to address aspects of vision, mission and values in their marking for the purpose of developing a strong brand design. The 6 defined positions of the format are vision, mission, values, organization, self-support and self-development.

I will present the BIP in a 90 minute workshop.

  Kristine Alex

Kristine Alex is experienced in epidemiological research, international project management & development work in Africa. In 1997 she founded the international training Institute in Bavaria, she’s a pioneer in Organizational, Place and body symptom constellations and offers DGfS certified trainings.

She is the author of: “The orders of success”, “Places Remember”, “My Body Remembers” & many articles.

Presentation: Body Symptoms

Body symptom constellations show what needs to be taken to become well and to stay health. If the own relationship to the body is clarified, messages of symptoms are understood solutions become visible.


  • How am I doing with my body?
  • What is important to note that I stay healthy at work?
  • Clarification of existing acute and chronic body symptoms (organs, nervous,lymphatic and endocrine system (glands), musculoskeletal system, sensory organs, teeth …)
  • Burn-on, burn-out, bore-out
  • Work-life balance
  • Which heritage do I carry in myself – what strengthens – what weakens?
  • Karmic connection to body symptoms
  • Trauma resolution

2 hours workshop

Presentation: Memories of places (?)

1.5 hours

Constellations make the special forces in one place visible and allow to clarify fields of resonance in order to live healthy, professional successful and happy in one place.

  • Is there something to clarify in my place of residence?
  • Does the business location support my business?
  • What makes me sick, what is stressing me in this place?
  • How does my apartment become a HOME?
  • Inheritance conflicts over real estate
  • Why is it difficult to sell / to find a house or flat

Melissa Roussopoulos

 Melissa has a deep love for nature.  This initially led her to undertake two environmental Masters degrees and work in the field of ecological sustainability. In 2004 she came across evidence that animals and plants were capable of mind-to-mind communication with humans. Sceptical at first, she did extensive research to discover that these communications were not only real, but could bring immense benefits for both humans and other-than-humans. Melissa trained in constellations to facilitate such communications and the results have exceeded all her expectations.

She has run public Nature Constellations workshops in the UK, Greece, Holland and South Africa, as well as tailoring the work for private clients such as universities, agricultural training centres, environmental organisations and landowners.  In recent years she has been systematically researching both the process and outcomes and has recently published some of her findings in The Knowing Field journal (January 2018).  Further details of her work can be found at

Presentation: The Power and Gifts of Nature Constellations

Plants, animals and land provide our oxygen, our food and the places we live.  We are absolutely dependent upon them.  Mainstream industrialised culture treats these other-than-human beings as resources to be used however we want.  This is considered acceptable because no beings aside from humans are perceived to have consciousness or intelligence.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

This workshop will begin with a brief overview of the evidence demonstrating that other-than-human nature is conscious and can be communicated with heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind.  A few examples of how such communications are taking place in diverse situations will be shared, along with some of the wisdom and solutions that have emerged.

While there are many methods to communicate with the other-than-human world, constellations are particularly powerful because they provide a way to actually step into another being’s roots, paws or hooves… and such direct experiences are often transformative.  They also allow the entire human/ecosystem to be represented so that insight and healing can arise from the whole system to support the wellbeing of each part.

Participants in the workshop will be guided through a short constellation in small groups to explore a relationship they have with an aspect of nature, as well as experiencing ‘being’ an other-than-human being.  After time to digest and reflect, we are likely to do a whole group constellation on a nature-related question that arises within the space.  There will be opportunities to address queries about this way of working, as well as hear about some of the outcomes.

My intention is for participants to experience how valuable it can be to include other-than-human beings within our constellations.  The wisdom and solutions which arise can be at practical as well as more esoteric levels.  Constellations provide a wonderful way for us to collaborate with the web of life around us for the benefit of all.

2 hours experiential workshop


Vladimir Albin

I was born in 1956., in Belgrade, capital city of Republic of Serbia, where I still live. I am Muslim by my mother, and Catholic and Orthodox by my father. I’m a graduate engineer of work organization, and a mechanical engineer. I am married and have two adult sons. Into the waters of bioenergy, I’ve sailed 30 years ago, while in the waters of systematic constellations 5 years ago, because classical medicine couldn’t adequately help my dear and loved ones. During that time period, I’ve met various teachers, and techniques (including shamanic vision).

While I was trying to fix and change many things, that I didn’t accept as they were, in both work, and life (mine and others), I was getting into problems, and I didn’t feel good. I realized that I was resisting the life itself. Then after realizing that, I’ve let go, of all the resistance, and entrusted myself to something much bigger, to lead me. Then the calmness and peace came into my life, and into my being.

Presentation: BBL – Bioenergetic Board of Life

My work is a combination of systematic constellations and bioenergetics work. That is individual, unique, and original work, which I do with the assistance of chess (board and pieces), and cards with names of numerous elements.

From my experience, I’ve noticed that clients, are sometimes unable to open their soul and entirely receive, and perceive everything that the constellation gives them. The reason for that is the inadequate work of their chakras. That is exactly why I’ve connected my bioenergetics work with constellations, and upgraded them like that.

Firstly, with my bioenergetics treatment, I check the state of chakras, aura, and health of my client, and if client has baggage from parents. Afterwards, with the bioenergetics treatments, conscious spiritual efforts, with assistance of music, colors, hands, third charka, and sixth charka, I affect client’s chakras and aura. With that, I eliminate the blockade and bring client into state of harmony.

Then I bring client into meditation, grounding, and connecting with the ancestors. After, comes the short interview, I give chess to the client, and have client take all of the pieces out, and place them on the table, by his/hers own will. Further work is interaction between client, board, pieces, cards, and me. Various pieces are brought onto the board, each representing someone, or something. They are placed on arbitrary or chosen places, I’m looking at which ones are white, which ones are black, how are they affecting each other, who affects whom, and who is in the past, who in the present and who is in the future, the relations in the family are clearly seen, I observe and follow the behavior of the client, and client’s feelings, sometimes I would ask client how is he/she feeling, and sometimes I would change the location of pieces, and take a note of how it affects the client. I see all of that from the board and tell the client. Finally, I move the board away from us, we stand up, get closer to the board, and then we get to the ritual which consists of different body motions and healing sentences. At the very end, client gets back to his/her seat, I leave client alone for a little bit.

I will demonstrate my work by working with someone present.

1, 5 hours workshop

Sujey Aleman

Psychologist, Family Constellator and trauma therapist, founder of Constelaciones México Institute in CDMX, with more than 15 years of experience training constellators and co-developing the Bonding Constellations method, including extensive experience in training and workshops in Constellation and Trauma work in Spain, Italy, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

Cesar Corona

Psychologist, Family Constellator and trauma therapist, teacher and therapist at Constelaciones México with more than 10 years of experience training constellators, and co-developing the Bonding Constellations method, including extensive experience in training and workshops in Constellation and Trauma work in Spain, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

Presentation: Bonding Constellations, an approach to treating trauma

OBJECTIVE: To present a proposal for the healing of traumatic events, integrating the theoretical and practical concepts of Psychotraumatology into Family Constellations, from our professional and personal journeys that have allowed us to develop a new methodology based on evidence that we call Bonding Constellations, which profoundly resolves relational traumas in order to develop an ecological autonomy.


  1. Trauma, Context and Healing
  2. The limitations of Classical Family Constellations in the treatment of Trauma
  3. The Contribution of Family Constellations to the Healing of Trauma
  4. THE ESSENCE OF VITAL EXPERIENCE: Bonding and Connection
  5. THE TRUE PAIN OF THE SOUL: Alterations to the Bond
  6. TUNING, SUPPORT AND PERSISTENCE: Reconsidering the Bond



Christl Lieben


Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Coach and Author

In my early years I was a co-operator in concert management. After training as a jewelry maker I worked for ten years in my own jewelry workshop. Since 1976 I work as a psychotherapist, individually and with groups, and also later as a supervisor and a coach in private practice. I hold workshops in Austria, Germany and the USA. I live and work in Vienna.


PRESENTATION: In the presence of death, life opens right up

Death is always present, but we do not perceive it, because we stare in fascination at what we call Life, assuming it’s everything. But it is only half of our reality. Death is the other half. Life and death depend on each other. They are a whole.

When we have the courage to look at death and life simultaneously, we know of the creative power of that moment. Implementing this knowledge and living it, constitutes a path. Perhaps there is a faint inkling of where this path might lead if we simultaneously look at themes which are important to us under the umbrella of life and death. We learn how life fans out in many colors and – if we allow it – gains great depth.