Board Elections 2017

Invitation for nominations


Dear all!

The two year term I am serving as Chair is coming to a close: As per ISCA’s constitution, the elections are due for the new Board.


The current term has been a new beginning for ISCA and started with many open questions. There was little continuity and routine and new pathways had to be explored and established. The very question of ISCA’s reason for being, about its vision and purpose had to be asked. Answers started to emerge through various activities undertaken under my Chairmanship, the main of them being:

  • Ensuring the legal and admin and financial requirements for the association’s functioning are being met.
  • Attending to web presence by developing a new look & content, mobile friendly web site and ensuring all the technical communication channels  and features are working properly.
  • Developing a new look of the existing logo, design and printing of the pamphlet
  • Maintaining the existing arrangement of mutual membership benefits and cooperation between ISCA and the German (DGfSA) and Austrian Constellation Associations (ÖfS).
  • Developing similar new arrangements with the The Knowing Field Journal and Infosyon, ‘International Forum for System Constellations in Organisations’.
  • Contact and good working relationships have been opened and established with heads of national associations and training institutions, as well as organizers of training intensive programs and conferences, ISCA’s presence was ensured at various events:
  • Continuous membership drive saw the decline in numbers reverse, climbing steadily and standing now at 250+. Well over half of current members have joined since the beginning of this term.
  • The ISCA Facebook group was revived and is now an active forum of 870+ group members.
  • Monthly online meetings of members have been held regularly, providing opportunity for more immediate, lively and meaningful connection and contact.
  • The ISCA Gathering –first one since Innsbruck 2010- was organised in Zagreb, took place  last October and provided an outstanding opportunity for meeting, exchange, connections, information, networking as well as for exploring the wider field of constellation practitioners, “feeling the pulse” of it and looking at “where are we at” collectively, including addressing some possible systemic burdens for ISCA.
  • ISCA’s Constitution was changed to better reflect the will of a Founding Assembly and to give Bert Hellinger the place as founder of the Family & Systemic Constellation Approach, the core around which the members of ISCA are gathered.
  • Many consultations with prominent constellators and those interested in development of international constellation association have been carried out through individual contacts, as well as a number of systemic processes undertaken to assess what the most immediate tasks for ISCA are.


So, a great deal has been achieved, a new life has been breathed into ISCA, and there is a lot more work needed to maintain its functioning and ensure its growth.

After careful consideration, I have decided to offer my service as ISCA Chair for the next term and I will be nominating for the coming Board elections, to enable continuity of the processes and activities started in this term.

I regard the role of the Board most of all to be an administrative one which serves to ensure ISCA’s perpetual development.

If re-elected, my intention is to continue with all the above mentioned activities and to further advance a number of areas of functioning – and there is a lot of scope for that!

To mention just some, first and foremost I plan for an ISCA management team through a possibly extended Board plus a number of heads of task groups which are around individuals and groups of members with particular affinity. Increasing membership and addressing “member benefits” is another task ahead. Facilitating connections, organization of ISCA Gathering in 2018, developing partnerships, and developing our web presence are further tasks which I would focus on if Chairing ISCA in the next term.


However these undertakings can only be achieved by team-work. I am reaching out to those of you who share the above described vision for ISCA and would like to form a team with me. Do contact me if you feel inspired to serve ISCA as Board member together with me or become part of the envisaged management team.


Of course, everyone is welcome to nominate individually for any of the 3 Board positions which members will elect: Chair, Vice Chair & Treasurer. Each position is elected to by a separate poll, decided in ‘first-past-the-post’ fashion: That means if there is more than one nominee for a position, the nominee  with the highest number of votes for that position becomes Board member for the next term. More information & timeline below.


In a nutshell how to nominate: submit a statement of up to 2000 characters and a photo before the 9th of April 2017. Nominations will be brought  to members’ attention thereafter. Online voting will take place in the period from 23.4. to 1.5. via an independent online voting service. Results will be announced ASAP after the voting is finished, the new Board to resume their term as of 1.7.2017.


If you need any clarification, do not hesitate to contact the Board. Looking forward to the next stage of ISCA’s life, whichever shape this takes.


Max Dauskardt



The responsibilities of the Board:

(Excerpt from the Charter)

  • The Board represents the Association legally and to the general public;
  • The Board calls the General Assembly according to § 9 of the Charter, prepares the agenda, conducts the assembly and the voting;
  • The Board carries out the General Assembly’s decisions;
  • The Board carries out budget planning, accounting, and gives the year-end final accounting;
  • The Board submits an annual financial report;
  • The Board admits new members and terminates the membership of persons determined to have seriously injured the interests of the Association or not to have paid membership fees;
  • The Board recommends to the General Assembly the establishment of committees and working groups;
  • The Board conducts correspondence with other societies with whom the Association cooperates and with the general public;
  • The Board regulates the online presence of the Association.


Practical aspects of the Board’s tasks:

  • Usage of WildApricot website facilities in order to:
  1. maintain/manage membership: dealing with all admin emails in regards to new member applications, renewal and lapsed notices, approving new members, payments, receipts etc.
  2. write and send regular messages/newsletter to members
  3. manage admin jobs of events
  • Manage Paypal and bank accounts
  • Bookkeeping
  • Website maintenance and development including liaison with web support
  • Conduct fortnightly online meetings of the Board and management team, prepare and document them
  • Organize and host monthly Community meetings
  • Organize Gathering / Conference every 2 years
  • Liaise with partner constellations associations, maintain mutual membership benefit agreements and develop new ones
  • Cooperation and maintenance of the mutual benefit agreement with “The Knowing Field” journal
  • Liaise on a regular basis with German authorities, solicitor and tax accountant in regards to ISCA’s registration in Germany
  • Deal with general queries from members & the public
  • Hold online elections/voting as per ISCA constitution


What Board members bring

  • Board members are willing to serve, are ready to contribute to the connection of the international constellation community, the development of constellation work and raising its profile in the mainstream community.
  • They are respected members of the constellation community who can liaise across cultural and professional borders as well as being open minded towards all the different strands of Constellation Work.
  • Board members have a strong desire and commitment to co-creating an international community of practitioners.
  •  They are in agreement with the ISCA Charter, ISCA’s vision and mission.
  • Board members are experienced in Constellation Work, have knowledge of issues that are relevant to the wider constellation community and its regional characteristics.
  • They are proficient in English. Proficiency in other languages would be a great advantage, like German for some admin tasks.
  • Board members are prepared and able to give at least 5 hours per week voluntary contribution, be available for regular online meetings, and be contactable online most of the time.
  • They posses organizational skills and preferably have experience in managing non-profit associations..
  • Board Members naturally have an international vision and interest in international engagements and a thirst to encourage those  international connections.
  • They maintain collegiality and respect towards other practitioners and be guided by the spirit of systemic inquiry and principles.



Widening of Management Responsibilities

One of the priorities for the Board in the next term is a widening of the roles and responsibilities to a larger group of people who would each take on the care of a particular aspect of ISCA’s management. This is envisaged to happen by forming a number of  Task Force Groups / Portfolios. Coordinators of these groups will emerge on the basis of their experience and expressed interest, and together with the Board form a wider Management Team.

The ongoing task will be inviting stronger  involvement by members according to their special competencies and individual interest and energy for a particular aspect of ISCA’s development.

Establishment of Regional Committees for example would allow for building stronger local networks and ensuring that ISCA’s activities are relevant to a region, addressing specific needs of potential members from different parts of the globe.


At present the following Task Groups are envisaged:

Regional / Language Chapters:

  • European
  • North American
  • Australasian
  • Spanish speaking
  • Russian speaking
  • French speaking
  • And any other region / culture / language specific one for which there is interest expressed

Other Task Group Themes

  1. Membership
  • To deal with membership drive, developing concrete benefits for members, consider different levels of membership, continue joint membership with other associations and develop new partnerships
  1. Communication
  • To work on developing ways of communicating to and from Board and membership between Committees / Task groups, issuing of the newsletter once a month, maintaining monthly online meetings for members, continue developing ISCA web presence and expanding content and other.
  1. Development of Resources
  • Developing and maintaining list of training offered by members, constellation literature, articles, international events etc.
  1. Next Gathering
  • Working on the organization of the next ISCA Gathering


Other areas for further attention are:

  • Developing and defining ISCA’s Vision
  • Management/ Organizational Structure, including clear definition of roles, size of the board, paid positions, meetings, definition of procedures and policies, workload/commitment
  • Ethical guidelines
  • Marketing, web presence, listing of practitioners, trainers/training events
  • Core Concepts, towards creating a common definition of CW etc
  • Training Standards, recommended training guidelines, creating a list of training institutes on the web site, event page
  • Resolution of Issues (history, systemic issues, conflicts)
  • Fundraising
  • Outreach Committee, that reaches out to other professional organizations, conferences, etc. to share CW, network, share ideas, etc.

If you feel attracted to any of these and are prepared to put your time and energy in development of any of the above mentioned areas, do contact ISCA Board.



Nominations reception: From 8th March until 9th April 2017 7pm CET
Publishing nominations: 10th April 2017
Online voting: 22nd April until 1st of May 2017 7pm CET
Announcement of results: 2nd May 2017
Start of new Board’s term: 1st July 2017