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The Collaroy Centre Homestead Ave, Collaroy Beach
Sydney NSW 2097

Australasian Constellation Intensive


And where are the kites flying now? 
– 20 years Organisational Constellations and 15 years infosyon –
International Conference on Organisational Constellations 26.-28.04.2018

20 years have passed since the first conference on Organisational Constellations, organised by Dr Gunthard Weber, “The Same Wind Let Many Kites Fly “took place in Wiesloch Germany and it is Infosyon’s 15 year anniversary –  two good reasons to celebrate. 

From the very beginning, the implementation of organisational constellations has been highly differentiated, which is why we would like to glance back. Which approaches have developed, which fields of implementation have developed with which characteristics? Which contexts are set up? Which formats are used?
It is also a time to look forward:  In which direction is the method developing and furthermore, what are our visions for the future?

Lectures from Dr. Gunthard Weber, Torsten Groth, Kirsten Nazarjkiewicz, Georg Müller-Christ, Jan Jacob Stam, Matthias Varga von Kibéd.

Workshops with Fung Ah, Friedrich Assländer, Katrina Barry, Guni Baxa, Regine Brick, Diana Drexler, Christine Essen, Guillermo Echegaray, Marianne Franke-Griecksch, Gerhard Gigler, Stefanie Hartung, Judith Hemmings, Klaus Horn, Birgit Theresa  Koch, Erdmuthe Kunath, Albrecht Mahr, Georg Müller-Christ, Jane Petersen, Julio Príncipe, Cecillo Regojo, Claude Rosselet, Roswitha Riepl, Ruth Sander, Georg Senoner, Insa Sparrer, Jan Jacob Stam, Gerhard Stey, Gunthard Weber.

A number of the workshops will be held in English. We are looking forward to a stimulating and inspiring exchange and of a lively “Community of Practice!”

Your planning team
Dr. Gunthard Weber, Claude Rosselet, Katrina Barry and Gerhard Gigler

A cooperation between  Dr. Gunthard Weber, Claude Rosselet, infosyon e.V., Akademie im Park in collaboration with the Wieslocher Institut für systemische Lösungen (WISL) and the Carl-Auer Akademie, Heidelberg (CAA)

Soon detailed information will be available.


17th International Intensive Workshop
on Systemic Resolutions
(Meeting) The Shadow: The Dark Side of Human Nature and its Hidden Power

APRIL 29 — MAY 6, 2018

Vollmar-Academy, Kochel, Southern Germany